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Prospective Students: MSc Economics at the University of Bayreuth

Profile of the Programme

The two-year Master’s programme in Economics at the University of Bayreuth familiarizes students with advanced methods of economic analysis and their application. Graduates have a sound understanding of up-to-date theoretical and empirical methods of economics and can use them in order to confront specific problems.

In order to achieve this, advanced knowledge of all core subjects of economics – microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics – will be acquired in the programme’s first year. This knowledge will then be applied by analysis of selected topics in lectures, seminars and the final thesis.

Courses are taught at a high formal level, most of them in English. Students will get acquainted with the reasoning and rigor of modern economic research. They learn to understand and evaluate major economic controversies of the past, present and future. More information can be found in the Brief Study Guide.

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