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1. How can I learn about the courses which are offered in this semester?Hide

We recommend that you obtain up-to-date information and details from the Teaching/Lehre entries on the individual faculty websites as well as from the e-learning and cmlife websites.

2. How can I register for courses?Hide

Lecture courses and classes typically do not require formal registration. But the corresponding exams do (see below). Moreover, seminar courses require registration. Details and deadlines for this vary. They are specified by the respective docents. Check the online seminar descriptions and attend the corresponding introduction sessions. Note that these sessions often take place already at the end of the previous term; but many docents accept late registrations, especially from new first-year students, if the designated places haven't all been filled yet.

3. How do I register for exams? Do I need to de-register in case I change my mind?Hide

Registration for exams and de-registration takes place online at cmlife. You should log in well in advance in order to check exam dates and the applicable deadlines for registration (usually 8 days).

Also check when is your last chance of de-registering. Note that if you haven’t de-registered in time, don’t take the exam and don’t provide a medical certificate which proves that you couldn’t take it within three days after the exam then you will be automatically graded “5” (= “fail”) for the course.

4. I will miss or I have already missed an exam for health reasons. What do I need to do? Hide

If it is not too late then simply de-register. If the deadline for this has already passed then provide a corresponding medical certificate to the Prüfungsamt as soon as possible. Note that if you do not provide such certificate within three days after the exam then you will be automatically graded “5” (= “fail”) for the course.

5. Which restrictions apply to obtaining credits for language courses offered by the Sprachenzentrum?Hide

You can earn up to 16 credit points for your Individueller Schwerpunkt by successfully completing any Sprachenzentrum language courses which are improvements relative to your Master’s application package.

So any courses that were already taken for credit as part of your Bachelor’s degree cannot be taken for credit. Nor can any English courses that fail to improve on CEFR Level B2. By contrast, English courses with a level above B2 can be taken for credit if you haven’t reached this level as part of your Bachelor’s education already. So if you didn’t take any C1 level course in your Bachelor’s, you can get credit for it. If you already took level C1 but not yet C2 then you can get credits for a C2 level course.

The same logic applies to, e.g., an Anfängerkurs Deutsch (you can get credits if and only if it is your first formal contact with the German language), courses in Chinese, Swahili, Arabic, etc.

6. Is it possible to obtain credits for Bachelor’s level courses in my Master’s degree?Hide

No. The only exceptions are courses in mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, or engineering which (i) convincingly complement your economics specializations (say, in mathematical economics, econometric theory, economics of climate change, regulation of energy markets, etc.) and for which (ii) prerequisites for attending the corresponding Master’s level course are impossibly demanding for an economics graduate.

7. Is it possible to obtain credits for courses from other Master’s programmes at University of Bayreuth?Hide
If the instructor of the respective Master's level course is willing to admit you to his or her course, the answer is yes: you can obtain credits as part of your Individueller Schwerpunkt. Note that courses from the local Master’s programmes in Betriebswirtschaftslehre and Gesundheitsökonomie can also give credits in the corresponding Spezialisierung (see FAQ on BWL below). 
8. Can I study this programme for more than two years?Hide

Our default is that full-time students earn all 120 required credits during four semesters, i.e., two years. But you can decide to take a little more time and to extend this period by one or even two semesters. This is entirely up to you. However, note that the maximum total time is six semesters! (If you are approaching six semesters then better check details in §18 of the Prüfungs- und Studienordnung before it is too late.)

9. Which courses can I obtain credit for as part of Spezialisierung BWL or in my Individueller Schwerpunkt?Hide

Economics students can register for any of the BWL courses from “Basismodul B2” of the Master’s programme in Betriebswirtschaftslehre at University of Bayreuth and can obtain credit as part of their corresponding Spezialisierung or in their Individueller Schwerpunkt.

The economics programme itself does not impose restrictions concerning credits from regular Master’s level BWL lectures and seminars outside “Basismodul B2”. But not all courses in the Master’s programme in Betriebswirtschaftslehre are open to students from other programmes! Whether a BWL professor opens a given course to you is entirely up to him or her. If you can make a convincing case for why you would like to be admitted to a specific BWL course then make it politely and directly to the professor in charge at or before the start of the semester. If you are successful, the obtained credits can be used exactly like those from “Basismodul B2”. You need not obtain any special permission from the programme coordinator - you can directly get credits for a successfully completed, regular BWL Master's lecture or seminar course from the Prüfungsamt.

10. I'd like to take a course but don’t know for which module title I can earn credits. Who do I contact?Hide

First check the online course description (docent’s website or e-learning platform). In case the professor who offers or organizes the course has forgotten to specify the pertinent credit possibilities, contact him or her!

Note that the professor in question may want to coordinate with a colleague listed under Verantwortliche Lehreinheit in the Modulhandbuch or with the programme coordinator in special cases before he or she will answer you.

11. I'd like to get credits for a Master's level course taken during a semester abroad. What are the options for this?Hide

You can get credits as part of either a Spezialisierung or your Individueller Schwerpunkt.

If you want to get credits as part of a particular Spezialisierung then the course will have to be accepted as a substitute for one of the Spezialisierung’s regular courses by the professor in charge of the regular course. He or she will typically want to see a brief dossier – a single PDF file or printed folder including course description, reading list / recommended textbook, problem sets, etc. – that clarify the topics and analytical level of the course, i.e., that it has Master's level or is even part of a doctoral programme, and then reach a decision. (Credits for a foreign course can also be accepted as a substitute for an already completed regular course if this improves your grade. But note that this substitution will be counted as a voluntary exam repetition, reducing your limited possibilities to do so for other courses.)

If you want to get credits as part of your Individueller Schwerpunkt, you may follow the same procedure as for a Spezialisierung. The course will then be listed in your transcript under the title of the local course which it has substituted, with a comment that it was taken abroad. Alternatively, you can seek to obtain credit under the original title from the programme coordinator. Assuming your foreign host institution has high international reputation, you will merely need to prove that the completed course had the right level, i.e., Master's or higher, and complements your economics specialization, i.e., the standard is the same as for local courses that are part of your Individueller Schwerpunkt.

In any case better be safe than sorry: check the possibilities of getting credit for a particular course before studying abroad!

12. How can I get credits for an internship?Hide

6 or 12 credits can be earned by a 6 or 12-week internship, respectively, as part of your Individueller Schwerpunkt. You should, however, check the possibilities of getting credit for a particular internship in advance. The University of Bayreuth’s Praktikantenservice will be in charge of accepting a completed internship or not. They provide detailed information on their requirements for Master’s students in Economics online and have regular office hours.

13. Does special regulation apply to “external theses” written in cooperation with think tanks, NGOs or companies?Hide

Not per se. But you will first have to find a professor from the economics department who is willing to agree on a topic and who then takes full charge of supervision and grading. It lies in the discretion of this university supervisor whether there can be an external co-supervisor, how often and in what format you are required to report on your progress, etc.

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