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Your IWG and Economics Student Representatives

What do student representatives do?

We, the student representatives, are responsible for helping you with your questions and problems during your studies. We are the mediators between professors and you, the students. If you have suggestions or proposals for improvement of the study programs, we are the first contact persons. You can contact us at any time.

In order to have a better overview, the representatives for IWG and Economics work closely together. They, the vub and the program coordinator or director are in regular contact to make your student life more comfortable and efficient.

What do we want to implement:

  • Better networking among students
  • An easier start into your studies
  • More fun during your studies

Further information for students:

  • The StudyGuide Economics* for new freshmen with important information for the first weeks and months.
  • The StudyGuide IWG* for new freshmen with important information for the first weeks and months.

*Legal notice: This is information created by students. The University of Bayreuth and the economics chairs are not liable for the content and do not offer any warranty.

Student Representatives for the MA Int. Wirtschaft & Governance and the MSc Economics programmes

You are welcome to contact us via email any time.

Foto Max Funke


Max Funke


Felix Brinkmann

Felix Brinkmann


Big thanks to the student representatives for IWG and Economics of last years:

Christoph Dietrich and Bastian Prinz

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